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Global Operations

ESCO operates on almost every continent with an expansive network of manufacturing locations and sales and distribution facilities.  


Global Sourcing 

Global sourcing entails identifying, evaluating, negotiating and configuring supply across multiple geographies to reduce costs, maximize performance and mitigate risks. Sourcing is also a cornerstone of total cost management (TCM), a technological and process framework for the alignment, management and control of the total cost of ownership of supply relationships.
The combination of ESCO's engineering expertise and global sourcing helps to ensure that ESCO parts sourced from Mexico, the Slovak Republic, China or India possess the very same quality and reliability customers expect from ESCO.

Global Supply Chain Management

ESCO purchasers and supply chain planners manage ESCO's global supply base of raw material, components and finished inventories. ESCO enterprise resource planning systems integrate data that is leveraged to measure supplier performance for quality and on-time delivery. ESCO successfully monitors vital suppliers using Supplier Quality Engineering and Statistical Process Control.
ESCO planners also understand the importance of visibility along the entire supply chain, from customer to manufacturer to supplier. ESCO works shoulder-to-shoulder with customers to implement systems that provide online access to customer inventory needs and pulls inventory accordingly – allowing manufacture on a just-in-time basis.